Monster Legends Hack Cheats for Unlimited Gems

Monster Legends Hack Cheats for Unlimited Gems: Are you Struggling to get past all difficult levels of Monster legends without Gems?

Well, then be ready to conquer all leaderboards position using our Monster Legends Tips and Tricks for beginner and Pro.

As you know, Monster Legends game is developed by “Social Point” and have 50 Million installs from Google Play Store.

Monsterlegends Cheats

Monster legends fall under the stimulation and building gaming category, where you need to Hatch, Train and evolve your Monster to become Monster master.

Some of the features of Monster Legends are

  • Free to play game
  • Tons of Monster to discover and play
  • A brilliant mixture of Growing Monster and build your base
  • Many side events and Task to get game goodies
  • Get all master skill to your Monster to fight better
  • Breed different Monster and make a new Monster with different capability
  • Use Gems to progress faster and top leaderboard
  • Connect your account with Facebook and get all your friends progress
  • Invite friends to the game and get game goodies
  • Use daily free lottery wheel and game goodies
  • Start Farming and feeding your Monster to make them grow like giants
  • Make a formidable team and get past all difficult levels with ease.
  • Cute Monster to train and gets some cool bonus
  • Get Game goodies whenever you level up in the game

Top 10 Monster Legends Hack Cheats for free Gems

Monster Legends cheats

Let’s start digging all the top pro tips and tricks to clear your difficult boss fight and become Monster Master.

Monsterlegends Cheats

Tip 1# Know your Monster Strength

Before you start venturing into the Monster Master path, you should know your monster’s strength.

Every Monster has its own elements and strength, and you should know how they fare against each other in any match.

Look for Monster Info:

Generally, Check for Monster info before you are going to evolve them in new levels. Check for these characteristic

  • Power
  • Life
  • Speed
  • Stamina

These are the basic characteristic of your Monster which you should check and make sure you know all your Monster strength.

Wait, there is something more:

With all the strength you need to check for the Skills of your Monster and make sure that you understand how your Monster will behave when an attack or in defense.

Monster Legends Hack for gems

Tip 2 # Make a Formidable Team

Monster legends are game of strategy and thinking ahead of your opponent. When you just start playing Monster legends game, upgrade only 03 Monster.

Upgrade only 03 Monster:

Now, the question is why you should only upgrade the 03 monsters?

Because in a battle, you can only take 03 monsters, and it is wise to upgrade or grow those monsters that have more power and skills.

Check each monster in which you will get a free gift in the initial game and grow only 03 monsters to level-7 or 08 before you go for any battle.

This will ensure, your easy win and believe us; you will sale to level 10 without any problem.

Always mix and match different Monster elements and also keep the different monsters in your team to get a different attack on the enemy.

Tip 3 # Make Farms to feed Hungry Monster

Believe us; you need to make all the farms available in the present levels you are playing. Farms ensure that you will get an uninterrupted supply of food, and it will also help in growing your Monster.

Check for the different requirements of Monster and grow food for them. Make a habit of upgrading the farms and other buildings in your game to yield more foods.

Monster needs food in the initial stage and to get evolve in more powerful levels. Do not neglect this requirement or you will not able to grow your monster in time.

Tip 4 # Breed your Monster to get New Hybrid Monster

As you know, Monster are categorized in Nine ways in Monster legends, as

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Nature
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Magic
  • Metal
  • Thunder

Now, you have a chance in Monster legends to mix and match different monster elements and create new and more powerful Hybrid Monster.

You can match and mix between fire and water element Monster and get a new, improved version of Monster which is resistant to fire and water attack.

Do not afraid to mix and match different Monster elements, as Monster legends game is mended to make new Monster and Train to fight better.

Always use Hybrid Monster in battle:

Hybrid Monster is more powerful than pure elements monsters, as they possess the best quality of both the elements.

So, if you are using pure elements monster, then stop and start using Hybrid Monster in Battle to win any match.

Tip 5 # Complete Daily Task

Always check your Daily Task and try to do it within that day, do not skip this major tip as this will give you, Game goodies like Gems, food, and other game requirements.

Daily Task helps you maintaining your game progress incorrect way, many times players did not complete the essential things, and they start rushing to the battlefield.

Complete the daily task and get game goodies which will help you in your progress in the initial stage, after you achieve level 10, you can go on your own.

monster legends free gems

Tip 6 # Watch video Ads

Get free Gems:

Monsterlegends Cheats

Want to get free gems without Monster Legends Hack or Cheats?

Then follow this free gems Monster Legends cheats where the game will provide with free game goodies like

  • Jewels
  • Gold
  • Good
  • Relics
  • Monster eggs
  • Beast and many more

The best method for monster legends gems hack.

You need to watch Monster wood videos, which are usually 30-second-long and can fetch you with different free game goodies which will help you grow your monster.

Tip 7 # Make your workers Busy

Monster legends provide 02 workers, and you need to make them busy by giving them work.

Do not leave them without work, as you need to build your base and make your game develop fast.

If you don’t find any job for these workers, then make them clear all forest and stones which are blocking in your game dashboards.

These barren lands can be used to get all your buildings, farms and monster places.

 When you clear all the trees and meteorites, you will find a jewel in your land. Just them judicially to craft any Monster for more power and skills.


Tip 8 # Begin the Adventure Map for XP

Make sure you have 03 Monster ready with more than lvl10 to enter the Adventure Map.

Whenever you are competing in the Adventure Map, you need to choose 03 Monster who will fight your battle with computer-generated Monster.

You will find an easy sail when your Monster levels are above lvl10; you can clear all the levels with ease up to level 15.

You will be facing Bosses in Adventure map when you defeat them; you will be given XP and free-spinning wheel.

Now, this spinning wheel will give you food and gems, depending on your luck.

Tip 9 # Spend Gems Judiciously

Do not spend gems on a regular task or which need some time to complete. Gems are the official currency of Monster Legends and are very hard to get.

Gems should only be used to purchase your legendary Monsters, later in the game. Gems are a precious commodity and should never be used to purchase a breeding tree.

Instead, get Breeding Guardian which will give you regularly gems.

Tip 10 # connect your account with Facebook

Connecting Monster legends account with Facebook will give you game goodies. You will much information, and you can even share stamina with friends.

Some of the features of joining Facebook are

  • Get game goodies
  • Share the progress with each of your friends
  • latest information about the leaderboards position
  • Invite your friends and get referral bonus in Monster Legends
  • Get or provide free stamina with friends and family members
  • Make the team or join active members Monster legends
  • Join the Fan page and official Monster legends Facebook page to get early information about any new events or launches.

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Final words

So, these are the Monster Legends Hack Cheats for Unlimited Gems. Use tips and tricks given in this article and become Monster Master and capture the top position in the leaderboard.